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Welcome to CelerX

CelerX is a mobile eSports gaming engine that can turn single-player games like Solitaire, Bubble Shooters, Word Puzzlers, Match-3, or any other similar types of games into an exciting multiplayer eSports gaming and social experience—where players can compete against each other for fun! By significantly improving your game’s player engagement and retention, CelerX can help increase your game’s revenue to a whole new level.

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AI-powered Player Match-Making Engine

At the core of any eSports experience is a match-making engine that pairs players in such a way that their matches are competitive yet fun and exciting. However, building an optimal match-making experience is fairly difficult. If a new player is matched with an experienced veteran player, neither of them can really enjoy the game. The new player will be frustrated and the veteran player will feel uninterested and bored in the one-sided “competition.” CelerX solves this by offering a skill-based match-making engine built using advanced reinforcement learning technology. Within three games, the AI algorithm can quickly analyze the skill level of a particular player and accurately match that player with other players of a similar skill level. That way, players are always able to enjoy the thrill of good competition resulting in a close win or loss. Being able to consistently provide this adrenaline rush is the key to improving your game’s engagement level among players.

Bullet-proof Anti-cheat System

One of the biggest threats in any eSports gaming system is cheating. Even an extremely small number of cheaters can ruin the experience for all of the players on the platform. CelerX comes with an advanced anti-cheating mechanism built on top of blockchain and cloud gaming technology. Every player’s in-game move is streamed to a remote cloud system where the result of the gameplay can be accurately recreated with auditable proof on the blockchain. Any modification of the local game logic can be quickly identified and the cheating player will be swiftly dealt with. Using CelerX, you can give your players blockchain-verifiable proof that every tournament is a fair game where even you, as the host of the game, cannot alter the rules and results.

Batteries Included – Full-featured User Management System

“But wait, do I need to integrate this with my existing user management game servers? Do I need to build the UI for matchmaking?” These are great questions! CelerX not only abstracts away all the complexities of player systems, matchmaking, and game security and compliance for you, but also includes a full-fledged UI flow as well as LiveOps and data analytic tools. So the short answer is, there is ZERO server-side logic needed, and only a simple app-side API integration is required in order to get your game up and running with CelerX.

Easy and Simple Integration—with Only Two Lines of Code

Integrating CelerX is far simpler than integrating with IAP or ads SDKs.We support all popular gaming engines like Phaser, HTML5, Unity, Cocos, and native SDKs (coming soon). Register on our game developer portal and try it out 100% free!