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Join one of the world’s fastest growing real-money eSports platforms by seamlessly integrating your game with our SDK, enabling players to compete for real money and prizes.

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Fair Play
And Security
And Social Challenge
And Leaderboards
Real Money Winnings
And Prizes

How it works

Our goal is to achieve a win-win collaboration with our partners by enabling an ad-free experience while generating revenue from every match played for real money.

For each real money game, players pay an entry fee to enter a match. After the winning is paid out, you and CelerX share the rest.

10X higher ARPDAU

Higher Monetization

Integrating CelerX is simpler than integrating with In-App purchase or ads SDKs.We support all popular gaming engines like Phaser, HTML5, Unity, Cocos and many more including native SDKs (coming soon). Register to access our game developer portal and try it out 100% free.

2 lines of code for integration

Easy Integration

The CelerX SDK was designed with developers in mind. With just two lines of code, the integration process can be done in under 10 minutes for HTML5 games. The integration for Unity and native Android/iOS games is also easy and smooth.

Multi payment methods supported

Frictionless Payment

Designed to enable real money competition, accepting payments from players has never been easier. With a growing selection of popular payment methods such as credit and debit cards, PayPal, and more, your players can quickly get in on the action.

World Class Security

Deeply rooted in designing and deploying highly secured networks that scale, CelerX is powered by proprietary reinforcement learning matchmaking and cheating-detection algorithms and advanced game security solutions to provide a fair and fun platform for players around the world.

Ready on Day 1

The CelerX SDK comes ready to support your game including payment processing, leaderboards, regular tournaments, player versus player, head-to-head competition, security and more.

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Launch into mobile eSports by transforming a copy of your game into a competitive play. Generate revenue from each match played without ads by enabling players to compete head-to-head for practice coins and real money.

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