Prize and Rank

Players will be ranked according to the total number of $CELR, $ETH and $DAI Quick Matches played.

1st$3,000 in ETH
2nd$2,000 in ETH
3rd$1,000 in ETH
4th - 20thequally split $4,000 in ETH

Terms and Conditions

  • The campaign will be live for 7 days. Celer team will choose the winners based on the number of real money Quick Match games played (excluding private matches and canceled matches).

  • Certain jurisdictions and locations will be geo-restricted from this activity.

  • The 7-day matured campaign data will be collected on 11/14 to make sure all the games that users played during the campaign period are included. Winners will be announced on 11/15 9AM (PST).

  • Celer Network reserves the right to cancel and modify the term of the campaign.

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