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Real-time interactive

CelerX accelerates traditionally slow blockchain functions. Now you can play games with little to no latency!

Zero gas fee

Play in the blockchain gaming world instantly without paying any gas fees.

Various game types

Compete on solo, turn-based, and real-time battle games.




total Players


total matches


total prizes

Instant prize payout
100% your control

Get your prizes whenever you win. You take full control of your crypto funds and prizes. Neither Celer nor any other entity holds your crypto assets.

Game of skills,
not chance

All of the games in CelerX are skill-based without any randomness. You compete by your skill level, not by chance. Keep practicing to ramp up your game skills and win more crypto prizes!

Secured by blockchain

For some of the games in CelerX, we enable decentralized game state dispute with Celer Network’s advanced layer-2 technology to ensure competition fairness.

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